Yacht Services of Alaska is a full-service vessel agency based in Ketchikan, Alaska. From pre-arrival preparation to 24-hour logistic support services throughout the entire state, our goal is to help your cruise run smoothly. With offices throughout Southeast Alaska and a vast maritime network, we provide continuous service from Ketchikan to the Aleutian Islands and as far north as Nome. Our company boasts over 100+ years of maritime experience to make your time in Alaska memorable and fluid. Yacht Services of Alaska is the subject matter expert for cruising in Alaska; our knowledge base and maritime network are unrivaled.

Pre-Arrival Services Include:

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulation
  • United States Coast Guard requirements
  • United States Department of Agriculture procedures
  • State of Alaska Environmental documentation
  • State of Alaska Board of Marine Pilots

Post-arrival Services Include:

  • Pilotage Requests/Pilot Transport Vessel Requests
  • Itinerary Work
  • Airport Transfers
  • Provisioning/Floral Services
  • Trash Purging (Foreign & Domestic)
  • Bunkering
  • Sport Fishing Captains
  • Chase Vessels
  • Guide/Naturalist Services
  • Moorage Reservations
  • Transportation
  • Excursion Planning/Booking
  • Crew Support
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment Storage
  • Mail Services
  • Repair Arrangements
  • Cash to Master Services
  • Special Requests
  • Emergency Assistance

To contact us for services please email us at [email protected]